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Instead of letting this gaming stuttering plagues you, why not exert efforts to resolve it by disabling the Intel Turbo Boost? As my power plan is Balanced , click Change plan settings which is close to it. If yours is Power saver or High performance, click the one beside it. In Advanced settings , scroll down to locate and click Processor power management.

Tips: Here you should also make sure the Minimum processor rate always smaller than the Maximum processor rate. Alongside with this operation, you are able to not only remove the overheating CPU issue but also solve the games stuttering and fps dropping problems after the Creators Update.

Just as we have discussed before, there is no exact reason why you suddenly went into stuttering and dropping fps in games. However, some gamers have successfully or accidentally found their way out of this gaming deadlock. You can choose to use some of them. May these can help you. Have you ever thought about that maybe you have run too many programs your PC? That may make your processor failed to process.

Consequently, your games happen to stutter or weep and meanwhile, the frame rate drops. It is possible that after Windows Creators Update, your graphics card driver is incompatible with Windows While the graphics card is closely related to GPU clock speed and voltage.

Or Driver Booster can help you find the most up-to-date graphics card driver with several clicks. It is a professional Windows drivers download and update tool. Driver Booster , an automatically drivers download and update tool, can help users to get the latest graphic driver, audio driver, USB driver, mouse driver etc with one click. And as the best driver scanner, it can detected the most outdated and missing drivers for your computer.

At first, download Driver Booster, install and run it on your Computer. Or if it updating driver is useless for you, you can uninstall it with the uninstaller tool — DDU to uninstall graphic driver completely. This worked for some people. If you cannot figure out what on earth causes your games stutter with fps drops since the Creators Update. For some gamers, as soon as their PC stutters with fps drops in games, the first thing they tried to do is check if they have carelessly set the processor as Background services rather than Programs.

And it turns out well for them if fixing the stuttering games on Windows In Advanced system settings , navigate to the Advanced tab and then click Performance Settings. Finally, in Performance Options window, Adjust for the best performance of Programs.

Make sure you have not ticked the box of Background services. Such software as Precision X and MSI afterburner can also be the culprits of the games stuttering and fps dropping from to Decide to uninstall them and click NO to save the file in this process.

Do a Clean Boot. You just need to boot with the minimum unit but not a format. You can figure out what goes wrong that gives rise to games stuttering and fps drops after the Creators Update. The last resort for you is to roll back to the last version. Or you may check online that Creators Update are less influenced by the stuttering in games and the frame rate drops on Windows It is understandable for you to lament the gaming stuttering with fps dropping issue for you can never imagine that Windows Creators Update would bring your this problem in games.

However, on the other hand, you should also be considerate. As both Microsoft and NVIDIA have not only acknowledged these gaming issues but also have done their best to fix this games stuttering with low fps. Only in this way can you escape the micro stuttering or freezing in games on Windows Go to Device Manager.

Expand Display adapters and right click the graphics driver to Update driver. Here apart from updating the graphics card driver, you are supposed to update the audio card driver in the same way.

Then Windows 10 would be allowed to search online for up-to-date video or audio card drivers for you. In this process, to date, if you have not downloaded the updated drivers for Windows 10 in device manager, Driver Booster can compensate for it. Driver Booster , an automatically drivers download and update tool, can help users to get the latest graphic driver, audio driver, USB driver, mouse driver etc with one click.

And as the best driver scanner, it can detected the most outdated and missing drivers for your computer. Download , install and run Driver Booster on your computer.

Click Scan. After that, Driver Booster will scan all the drivers including graphic and audio driver. Of course, if there is game components missing or outdated, it will be detectd. Click Update Now. With the newest display adapter driver and audio drivers, you may have properly solved the game micro stuttering or lagging or freezing on Windows Unlike other programs or software, explorers are still running in the background even when you have turned them off on Windows Under this circumstance, your PC can easily come across the micro stuttering on Windows 10 when you are playing some games.

Navigate to Details tab, scroll down to find out explorer. Now without the interruption of various explorers, your games can make full use of Windows Consequently, your PC will no longer in micro stuttering in games. Sometimes, if your computer has plugged in too many external devices, such as USB webcam , USB flash drive , and card reader, you are able to stumble on the micro stuttering issues in games on Windows To figure out whether your stuttering or freezing game is caused by the external device, you are to unplug them except the mouse and keyboard.

When you are confusing how to fix this all games micro stuttering problem and have tried some ways, but to no avail, hardware checking is also unavoidable for Windows 10 users. Every gamer knows for sure that playing games on Windows 10 can cause overheating issue easily. Hence, you are requested to check if your PC has been ventilated.

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The last way to solve the issue game stuttering Windows 10 is to enable V-Sync. Now, here is the tutorial. To sum up, this post has introduced 7 ways to fix the error game stuttering Windows If you come across the same error, try these solutions. Tina is a technology enthusiast and joined MiniTool in As an editor of MiniTool, she is keeping on sharing computer tips and providing reliable solutions, especially specializing in Windows and files backup and restore. Besides, she is expanding her knowledge and skills in data recovery, disk space optimizations, etc.

On her spare time, Tina likes to watch movies, go shopping or chat with friends and enjoy her life. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. About The Author. Tina Follow us. Intel Turbo Boost, a new feature built in Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, will make games stuttering and fps drop. So, disabling Intel Turbo Boost may solve Windows 10 fps dropping issue. Step 1. Step 4. In Advanced settings, scroll down to find and click Processor power management.

Then, click Apply and OK. Fullscreen Optimizations is a Windows 10 gaming-oriented feature used to boost gaming performance and deliver a borderless full screen for gamers. However, it can cause FPS drops while playing in Windows Right click on the. Click the Compatibility tab, check the box of Disable fullscreen optimizations, and then simply click Apply and OK.

Donna Peng’s fascination with multimedia began at an early age – shortly after she licked the physical disc and then she’s been obsessed ever since. Her decade-long career at Digiarty after the graduation has seen her unmatched expertise in the field of DVD, digital video, software and anything related to home theatre.

She is currently fascinated with photography. Digiarty Software is a leading multimedia software provider, delivering easy-to-use and innovative multimedia solutions to users all over the world. Today in this article I am addressing the PC game stuttering problem in Windows 10 and the best possible resolutions to eliminate the stutter issue. Game stuttering is a bug that appears due to the irregular interruptions between GPU frames and causes a remarkable impact on the gameplay.

A game that stutter gets randomly slow, start lagging, delay in player action and the player find it hard to run the PC game smoothly. This is a very irritating problem, and if wondering why are my games stuttering all of a sudden, then below, have a look at some of the common reasons responsible for the PC game stuttering issue in Windows Game stutter issues occurred in different situations to different Windows 10 users.

As per some users, they face the game stutter issue after installing the Windows 10 build updates. Commonly the game issues are seen after the Windows 10 Creators update and the April updates and the players reported on the forum threads game stuttering on high-end PC.

Below have a look at some of the most common causes of a game stuttering bug in Windows So, these are some of the common culprits for stuttering games. Now follow the given resolutions till you find the one that works for you. Alternatively, also make sure you are running updated graphic card drivers, Windows 10 system, and the game with the latest patch released by the game developers.

Despite this, there are other detailed solutions given below that is worth giving a try. Feel free to follow them accordingly.

Before following the solutions given below, here it is suggested to try some quick tweaks to resolve the PC games stuttering issue in Windows Now if still facing the Windows 10 game stuttering then start following the below-given fixes. Most possibly the game stutters when running the outdated graphics card drivers. So very first check for the graphics card driver updates and update them.

Try running the game now and check if it stutters or not in Windows 10, or else follow the next solution. Well, you also update the driver with the automatic Driver updater, try running Driver Easy to update the driver automatically.


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