Rebuilding Lives: Creative Fundraising Ideas for Refugees


  1. Recipe Books

To pay homage to the old days of the advent of cooking software and Pinterest board recipes, request recipes from a variety of supporters or volunteers to create a cookbook for charity.

Request contributors to post their recipes online. Add a the author’s name, dedication or a note for each recipe so that the book feels personal and unique to your company.

Pro Tip: Ask local graphic artists or students to get help making your cookbook.

If you’re gathering in the flesh or on the internet taking a cooking class, it’s an excellent way to connect with your neighbors in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Ask your volunteers, employees or donors if Creative Fundraising Ideas would be interested in directing the class. You can also turn to experts and hire an experienced chef to lead the class.

You can charge a flat fee for registration or provide a minimum fundraising amount for those who wish to earn a place in class. If you decide to hold this event on the internet you can charge admission for the live stream.

As part of your campaign make sure to include a reward for greater donations. Offer an opportunity to meet the chef at the end of the class to anyone who has reached the fundraising tier 2 level.

  1. Apple Watch or Strava Challenge

Involve donors across the globe through the challenge of a virtual fitness. Invite people to meet the daily Creative Fundraising Ideas of stepping and complete a running test or complete an indoor cycling challenge, or take a hike on their own.

Participants can monitor their workout by using the Apple Watch or the Strava app, and then upload their results to check how they compare at the top of the leaderboard.

  1. A Twitch Gaming Game to Fundraise

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Twitch the most important thing is how video games unite people across the globe to help a worthy cause.

Ask gamers to create a page for fundraising that they can distribute to people watching the Twitch event. They should be provided with the tools needed to market their channel and to urge them to get relatives, friends and friends to watch the stream to the stream to.

Invite each player to leave the link to their account in the chat box during the event and then encourage them to discuss your purpose during the livestream. This is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to inform viewers about your mission’s significance.

School Concert

For the proud aunts, grandparents and uncles who aren’t able to get to town every when your kids Creative Fundraising Ideas at a school event You can offer a virtual alternative to keep them in the loop and Creative Fundraising Ideas  the visibility of your concert.

Pre-record your concert either in advance to avoid last-minute technology glitches or livestream your event with a dependable virtual event platform for example, sell virtual tickets for your event by creating a brand-name campaign page, or simply ask guests to donate during the evening to help support the families of their loved family members.


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