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The system requirements are:. You can buy Ableton Live in Education versions directly from Ableton. Or you can save even more by buying from an authorised retailer. We compared the biggest music retailer’s websites based on Google Search, who are authorised Ableton retailers, and offer the Education versions. Both sold Ableton Live Education at the same lower prices than Ableton and all other retailers I checked.

In all seriousness, Ableton prices can change, of course. So it’s always worth checking before you spend your hard earned money. We pulled out all the details for you, to explain who can buy Ableton Live in the Education version. The small print is boring, but it matters. Did you know that teachers and parents of students can also buy Ableton Live Education? How do you transfer Ableton Live licenses? First of all, check the seller’s credentials before you part with your money, and ensure the buyer pays for the license transfer fee, which is essential for the legitimate transfer via their Ableton account, as described above.

This includes used music software. You should find Ableton Live licenses on auction, including license transfers from the existing owner. You need to take some precautions, such as checking out the listing detailed description, the buyer’s feedback, confirming with the seller they own the full version not an update version or not-for-resale version , and that the seller follows the official Ableton license transfer to your account.

Bear in mind, the eBay Money Back Guarantee could provide some redress if the deal turns sour. You could also try out knobcloud , a website that facilitates the buying and selling of plugin and DAW licenses. It is a marketplace where sellers can list their licenses for sale, and buyers can purchase them using PayPal.

That means the vigilance I advised above still applies. I have not used knobcloud myself but it looks like an interesting concept, saving some effort to trawl through forums. Ableton Live is rarely on sale. We compared the biggest music retailer’s websites, based on Google Search, who are authorised Ableton retailers. Most people start with the mid-range Standard edition.

You can always upgrade later to Suite. We recommend you compare the features carefully during a free trial , and first buy the cheapest edition you can live with. We have more detailed research in our Ableton Sales guide , or you might want to read our Black Friday sale predictions. Don’t want to miss the next Ableton Live sale? Then subscribe to the musicmanta newsletter, and we will send you an email when the next Ableton sale starts. You can save even more when you buy from an authorised retailer.

Yes, you can. Ableton facilitates license transfers. Follow our detailed license transfer guide to find out how much you can save. No, the unlimited version is not free. However, you can try Ableton Live for free for up to 90 days. There are few limitations. You can even save and export all your creations. Only you can decide this. We always recommend you try for yourself, with a free Ableton Live trial for 90 days. If you then like it, use this musicmanta guide to find the cheapest way to buy Ableton Live.

It depends on your needs. We recommend you try the full edition with all plugins first for 90 days. After that, you can work out carefully which features you actually need and use most. Ableton also have a comprehensive comparison between all Ableton Live 11 between Intro vs Standard vs Suite. The features of the smallest Ableton Live Lite 11 features are explained separately.

I know that it will open without hassle. Ableton Live Suite has more samples, electric sounds, drums, and even orchestral instruments. That said, Xpand! However, for producers or composers looking to write a lot of sample-based music, a dedicated library from East West or Native Instruments would greatly enhance your sound possibilities. Both libraries are good, but you would most likely need to supplement your library with extensively-sampled sounds from a standalone library.

Both Ableton and Pro Tools have a selection of quality plugins. Ableton has much more in terms of producing electronic music using MIDI plugins and applications. Pro Tools plugin bundle is an incredible value for engineers and mixers with great tracking, editing, and mixing capabilities.

Ableton has much more in terms of MIDI plugins and applications. While not as detailed as the Universal Audio effects then again, what is? My favorite effects from Pro Tools are the Air effects, included in all versions.

There are some really interesting stereo separation, chorus, and modulation effects. The reverb is certainly nothing to write home about. You will certainly need a good aftermarket reverb plugin if you plan to mix in Pro Tools.

The Convolution Reverb is a beautifully crafted, highly-usable plugin that sounds natural on any source. My favorite setting is the Bright Plate, which adds a layer of richness to vocals that is difficult to replicate. While it does consume a lot of processing power, it is by far the best reverb setting I have seen stock in a DAW. In the end, there is no perfect DAW. Whether or not you use Pro Tools or Ableton Live, your success will ultimately be determined by your listening ability, your skills, and how you present your music to the world.

Pro Tools might be a good choice for you. The selection of precision editing tools, the reliability, and the industry standard factor will help you achieve your targeted goals more efficiently than Ableton. You can have peace of mind knowing that your session will transfer to other studios, and that is safely stored. Ableton might be a good fit for you. It is unparalleled in live performance, it has a natural, speedy workflow, and can seamlessly incorporate new MIDI and audio devices in a plug-and-play manner.

If you do quite a bit of recording and mixing, but you also are involved in music production, both programs will suit your needs in a special way depending on your application. As for myself, I often switch back and forth between Pro Tools and Ableton. I know that Pro Tools is a rock-solid mastering platform, and I know that Ableton will help my creative process thrive. Soundtrap by Spotify, is hands down the best online daw with built in autotune.

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You can now make your own killer beats with Ableton Live 10 for free while in lockdown. The comprehensive digital audio workstation (DAW). Last week we were treated to the availability of Logic Pro X as a day trial in the wake of COVID This week, its Ableton’s turn. Live Sets, Racks, presets, Max for Live devices, and anything else you can download and use in Ableton Live. To download your free trial of Ableton Live.


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Olympus Elements symphonic choir is a voice professional choir, expertly built for use with Ableton Live.


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