Microsoft project 2013 encountered an error during setup free. Office has encountered and error during setup

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Microsoft project 2013 encountered an error during setup free.Microsoft Office 2016 encountered an error during Setup

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But there is more; macOS users wanted a 64 bit version to avoid the 32 bit complaining and having the application signed was on the wishlist for them as well. Please consider disabling your ad blocker for our website. We rely on these ads to be able to run our website. You can of course support us in other ways see Support Us on the left. Originally the application was built as a purpose to learn more about Lazarus Pascal and cross-platform development.

Rename My TV Series, and Tweaking4All in general, does not provide any methods, means, or services, to access or distribute copyrighted materials. Rename My TV Series cannot be used, and is not intended, to promote or facilitate the possible illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. Always consult your local laws — be informed. It is your own responsibility to comply with these laws.

In the meanwhile, my tool is being used be a lot of users to help them rename TV-Series files. Just keep in mind that this tool is not to promote illegal downloading or illegal sharing of copyrighted materials.

This has been expanded with features like resolution, year, data first aired, etc. Step 1 is obviously downloading the latest version. Pick from the list below, the version suitable for your Operating System:. You can find the package here. To make access to beta releases easier, here the most current beta versions. Please be aware that these are test versions, so they can have bugs and potentially will destroy all your files and set you house on fire.

Linux users : Please pay attention to the versions. There is a GTK version and a Qt5 version! Also note as mentioned before that some dependencies may need to be met. Linux users create a directory and drop the renamemytvseries and ffprobe binaries in it. You can optionally use one of the icons. Windows users run the setup file to get the installation started.

Most likely nobody reads this section, and I hope that is the case, as it would mean that I did a good job on designing the application. Tip: Quite a few options can also be found in the regular menu op the application. MacOS users will find it in the top menu bar, and Linux users will see the menu in the top part of the application. On that note: tons of thanks to the people at the Lazarus Forum and especially Dmitry who did a lot of Cocoa development. Things have been growing a little out of proportion, I hope to though on some of these new features as we go through the user interface.

Note: This application is completely English and that will probably not change anytime soon. This is just a hobby for me, and society expects me to have a job. This can be part of the name or the full name of a TV show. Sometimes the desired show does not appear right away. This will look something like this:. This brings us to the use of the database. Once a show has been retrieved with episodes, it will all be cached in a database, so the next time you want to retrieve this show it will pull it from the database which is much faster.

This is why there is an option in the preferences that allows you to dictate how quick data expires and needs to be refresh. By default this is 7 days, since most shows have one episode per week anyway.

In this section you will see the episodes of the selected show listed. Exceptions are when the search only returned one result, or you selected an item from the History menu, episodes appear automatically. Continuous numbering means that when Season 1 ends with episode 24, then Season 2 starts with episode 25, etc. Right clicking an episode will bring up a menu, with items depending on your selection;.

Each row will link a selected episode to a selected file, which can be shuffled manually or sorted before actually renaming anything. None of the notifications require interaction, as they disappear automatically. Tip for Windows users: Before right clicking a selection of multiple episodes, you may need to keep the Shift button pressed to not loose the selection. After adding episodes, you can Sort or Remove them, drag them up and down, or Clear the entire list.

After adding one or more files has completed, a brief summary will appear showing you how many files were found and added.

If FFprobe was enabled, but somehow failed to find media information, this will be reported as well. As with episodes, added files can be Sort ed, Remove d, shuffled by manually dragging them around, and you can Clear the entire list. Sorting is done on best effort and may or may not work perfectly. We try to remove numbers in show-names and years, in hopes to get a useful sort based on numbers remaining.

This has worked very well for me, but I can imagine that this is not perfect. Feel free to report sort issues in the comments below. When adding files, and with FFprobe enabled, files will be analyzed right away. This will slow down reading the files, even though FFprobe is amazingly fast.

Rename My TV Series offers the option to move renamed files to a new location. More about the renaming format later, as this is the same format used to define the renaming format for files. Option 2 — Make a directory structure in the directory where the file currently resides.

Obviously FFprobe will not detect any media info, as there is none, but at least you can try and test without losing any important files. Failures will be reported in this log file as well. I find this convenient since I can see right away what happened. To remedy this, Rename My TV Series strips the years from names, for those that have a year in the name. When using this for the show title, a year may, or may not be included, depending on how the name was defined on TheTVDB.

If this option is checked, a leading zero WILL be added anyway for numbers less than This option enables or disables scanning video files with FFprobe. FFprobe is included with the files you download here. Rename My TV Series would catch this during the renaming process as well and produce a failure as well. In some cases however one may want to have multiple episodes as they may be stored in different formats or resolutions. For example a p version for mobile use and a p version for watching it at home on your TV.

Enabling this option default disabled allows you to override this. Be warned though; this may result in unexpected outcomes. This option enables or disables the little hint windows popping up when hovering over certain user interface elements.

By adding, removing, or updating data, the database may get defragmented and become slower. This is probably only noticeable with large amounts of data in the database, but SQLite has a cleaning vacuum option which will run each time the application is closed. This does slow down closing the application a tiny bit, so if it takes too long for your taste; you can disable it. Since we all have different monitors, different preferences on the position and size of the application window; this option will save the size and position of Rename My TV Series.

This option also exists in the main menu. Searching TV Shows is best done in the English language, but it can be desirable to select another language. Here you can set the default language which can be overridden in the main window on an individual basis.

Some are not translated, some only partially. Selecting another language may result in finding less TV shows, incomplete translations, etc. When searching for TV Shows, you may get zero or more results.

Assuming this was the TV Show you were looking for anyway. By default, Episodes are listed by date Aired. By checking this option, the DVD sort order will be used instead. Normally, episodes are numbered in such a way that each season start with episode 1. Enabling this option will start numbering with Season 1, episode 1, and keep numbering the following season in sequence. This means, if Season 1 ends with Episode 24, then Season 2 will start with Episode Episodes in Season 0 zero a.

With a normal workflow, one may start with selecting a TV Show, select episodes, add files, rename, and start the next TV show. With this option enabled, all lists will be cleared when you select another TV Show, to avoid mixing up things.

In case your workflow is different, for example you do mix TV Shows or you have the habit of adding files first, then you may want to disable this option by unchecking it. In theTVDB data, sometimes shows are not named in a consisted way. In the video demo in the beginning of this article, you could already see this.

To speed up things, episodes information is being cached in the SQLite database, which in most cases is just fine. Weekly broadcasted shows will most likely not update more than once a week, and most of the time information is already known far before the next episode is being broadcasted. For old show, the data may never update. TheTVDB is however very active and old data may be corrected and updated at any time.

After the indicated number of days, Rename My TV Series will check if an update is needed, and if so, execute the update. Default this is set to 7 days, but you can pick anything you want.



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Microsoft office encountered an error during setup windows 10 · Solution 1- Using Task scheduler · Solution 2- Run Windows store application. I am trying to install Microsoft Project on my computer but I keep getting a setup error about 1/3 of the way through the install. 1. Simply Uninstall and Reinstall it. 2. Tried to Install 32 Bit Office 3. Renamed and deleted ‘Microsoft Help’ to Microsoft Help.


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