Invest in Tauranga – New Zealand Investment

 Invest in Tauranga – New Zealand Investment


The Tauranga economy is based on a varied and vigorous industry base that provides it with huge revenues from exports. With strong networks and assistance I New Port Residences Showflat n investments, the business community in this region is robust and performing quite well. The Tauranga economy has a thriving Agricultural sector due to its fertile soils that are attractive to commercial growers. Most startup companies are involved in bio pharmaceuticals and genetics, natural products extraction, innovative wood processing equipment, the production of exotic Asian vegetables and herbs for export and edible fungi. However, opportunities for investments are as well available in emerging sectors such as aquaculture, for instance land based fish farms. The regions 50 year plan for infrastructural development is meant to ensure proper infrastructure ahead of the regions increasing growth and development.

Over 170 exporters are based in Tauranga, mainly attracted by the Tauranga Port Services that is efficient enough to move products fast round the globe. As a result, the region’s port is by far the largest in New Zealand making it the best choice for both foreign and local exports as well investment in New Zealand. About seven million tones of exports and about 5 million tones of imports are conducted via this port annually. The port serves the golden triangle made up of Waikato, Bay of Plenty and the Auckland region. New Zealand’s largest exporters, ZESPRI International, Balance Agri-Nutrients, and TrustPower are based in this region. Kiwi fruit and avocado, boat building and marine services, software development, transport and logistics, design, manufacturing and engineering, aqua culture and food processing are robust industries in this region’s economy.

Smart Economy, the economic development strategy for Tauranga, in partnership with the government and other business support organizations in the region has identified key industry areas crucial for the continued growth of the region. Key sectors for investments in the Tauranga economy include:

• Horticulture & Agriculture
• Food manufacturing

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