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Need a break from your winter drift car build? Off читать далее blues?

We’ve got the cure – a round up of the best online drifting games for free. Looking for the best mobile drifting games?

Drifting is the act of pushing a RWD car in to oversteer when the rear wheels break traction and step out of line. Throttle and counter-steer are applied to control the slide.

To initiate oversteer, use of the throttle, clutch and handbrake are often used along with weight transfer to break traction. Frree up to speed on drifting with our Drifting Guide. If you want to a specific drifting game added then please contact us and let us know what you would like to play. Want to play some driving or racing games? Our friends over at CrazyGames.

You can use this feature to rate this page. Recommended games New here? Drifting Games 9th June, Drifted Games. Featured drifting games Drift Hunters MAX 5 Stars A brand-new Drifted exclusive from the best drifting games for pc free Drift Hunters series, providing more gams cars, tracks, and features than ever before.

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Torque Drift – Download – Sim Drifting Communities


Absolute Drift is a matchbox-sized racing gem of a game that will satisfy the deepest of your drifting urges. Developed and published by Funselektor Labs Inc. The game is a great entry point for beginners to drift racing and has enough depth in its gameplay and controls to impress the flashiest drift kings. Shifting away from the usual first-person-view or third-person-view racing games, Absolute Drift lets you burn tires from an aerial perspective which is quite refreshing.

Absolute Drift lets you drive and customize up to six different cars in three different game modes with thirty-four levels each. The small-sized vehicles are overshadowed by their large gaming content, and in addition, you can also roam and drift around various areas from airports to docks.

The main success of the game would probably be in how well the driving controls feel, especially during drifting as your tiny car leaves tire marks along your path. These are actually helpful in guiding players with appropriate angles needed to drift efficiently.

At the end of the day, driving in a racing game should feel great and Absolute Drift would leave other drifting games in the dust.

Torque Drift is a fast-paced, realistic drifting simulation you can enjoy with your friends. Developed and published by Grease Monkey Games, the game was released in April and has received mostly positive reviews on Steam.

You can drift and burn your tires solo in single-player or race it out against other drivers in online multiplayer modes. Torque Drift is a great platform to realize your dreams of being a drift king as you start off with your own car to tune and max out and eventually line it with stickers from sponsors as your rise to the top. Torque Drift handles greatly and boasts realistic drifting physics that would Impress the most avid drift-heads.

Mastering how to drift in-game can be very satisfying as you can test your skills in online tournaments against up to thirty-two other players. The game also offers drifting fans an opportunity to buy real and licensed car parts, which will surely satiate any JDM car-building dreams. Torque Drift offers the complete drifting experience, from crisp controls to iconic drift-car parts, and will shine the most to enthusiasts of the sport.

Developed and published by CarX Technologies, the game was released in November and has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Steam store. The game is visually impressive and is full of colors, from the scenic background of the tracks to the bright neon decals you can adorn your car with. CarX Drift Racing Online lets you tune the heck out of your car in order to get any advantage you can in battling it out with other players online.

CarX Drift Racing Online feels and drives like real-life, with the game camera giving bigger-than-life angles that will surely impress anyone.

This perfect combination of pure drifting simulation goodness and jaw-dropping camera angles makes the game a favorite among drifting game fans as the online community is very much alive and thriving. CarX Drift Racing Online knows what fans of the genre want, and it delivers these exceedingly well.

It can be played either in single-player career mode, where you can strive to be a drifting legend as you build and tune your own car to perfection.

Changing parts in DRIFT21 is also visually pleasing, with realistic animations of almost two thousand specific parts available to be fitted in your car. DRIFT21 is filled with iconic drifting cars that are officially licensed to be used in-game. You can burn the tires of the most popular car in the drifting scene, the grandaddy, the Trueno AE Aside from famous cars, you are also given access to legendary circuits in Japan that were faithfully recreated using LaserScan technology.

DRIFT21 is full of drifting content with seven different single-player modes and five main multiplayer game modes.

The game is a great blend of car mechanic simulation and drift racing, and it will be a great purchase for any drift race gaming fan. Drift King is one of the flashiest racing games of drifting fun. Developed and published by Giorgi Abelashvili, the game was released in August and received very positive reviews. It features most of the favored drifting cars and also supports most racing wheels for a more enjoyable and immersive driving experience.

Drift King can be played in single-player or with other people in multiplayer mode, where you can test your skills as you race downhill in style. Drift King is full of color and flair as you paint your car with a neon pink or dull grey.

From bumpers to rims, the visual customization is impressive and will probably be half of the fun. If the loud car paint color is not enough, you can make use of an enormous collection of quirky decals to truly personalize your ride. Although Drift King is packaged simpler compared to other racing games, it is a well-crafted drifting experience that gives it a proper place among the greats. Developed and published by Rewind Amp, the game was released in December and has enjoyed mostly positive reviews from the SteamStore website.

It is an online multiplayer drift racing game that makes use of iconic Japanese mountain passes, the road to Irohazaka, Mt. Haruna, and Mt. Akagi, as its courses. Initial Drift Online aims to be a massively multiplayer online drifting game where anyone can join any server without hassle. Initial Drift Online allows players to earn the money they need to upgrade their cars by doing deliveries.

Using your hard-earned cash, you can buy new cars at the Irohazaka dealership, and further upgrade them in your own garage. Adding to the Initial D experience is the essential Eurobeat soundtrack, but you can also opt to play Phonk soundtracks as well.

Art of Rally is a uniquely-styled drifting game experience that relives the golden era of rally racing. It can only be played in single-player mode and offers full controller support for more fun and immersive driving experience.

Although the Art of Rally focuses more on style and creative art, the mechanics and gameplay leave nothing more to be desired as you drive and drift across beautiful maps from a wide aerial view.

Art of Rally boasts an extensive career mode that spans over seventy-two rally stages that would start from Finland all the way to Kenya. You can choose among more than fifty famous rally cars from the sixties all the way to the eighties. Art of Rally is beautiful and full of charm, and it sets itself apart from others and is definitely a must-buy for drift enthusiasts.

DiRT Rally is one of the most immersive drift racing experiences available on Steam. Developed and published by Codemaster, the game was released in December and has garnered very positive reviews from Steam. It is a single-player-only racing simulation that gives the player an authentic and grimy rally experience while offering full controller support and Oculus VR. The career mode spans a lengthy six-rally campaign with more than seventy stages that would see you fling mud with your tires across the paths of Wales to the snowy roads of Monte Carlo.

At its heart, DiRT Rally boasts a great physics engine that realizes different driving input reactions from different terrains you will drive on and how your car is set up. This game is a rally racing game on steroids and will be acknowledged as one of the best drifting games. RDS — The Official Drift Videogame is a beast of a drift racing simulation game with its stunning graphics and next-gen physics engine that pushes for full player immersion.

Developed and published by Drift Physics Crew, the game was released in June and has been blessed with very positive reviews. It offers both single-player and multiplayer PVP online modes and has partial controller support for racing wheels, pedals, and shifters. RDS — The Official Drift Videogame aims to deliver more than the usual multiplayer racing experience by using TryTime network latency minimization technology that would help reduce lag which would greatly help in tandem drifting and serious online competition.

In general, simulation games take more time and energy to learn and master than arcade games. However, the gratification factor is typically higher due to the mental investment made to get it right. Conversely, arcade games focus on letting players start driving within minutes, and these games are often played by people who just want to use a video game controller rather than sim racing hardware like a wheel or pedals.

These games usually include driving assists and basically offer a much less realistic experience. Now, this is where the big issue comes for drifters looking for an authentic driving experience, as the sim drifting community is well-served by arcade titles, but those who crave an accurate drifting simulation will find their choices limited.

Appreciation for the modders seems to stretch through most parts of the virtual drifting scene, as these people enable the options that attract most new members to the community.

For example, you can visit legendary places like the now very badly damaged Ebisu Circuit or even Akina Touge from InitialD. While still growing, the community of dedicated drifters and drifting-enthusiasts is still a relatively small but tight-knit group. Despite its release in , rFactor 2 is probably the most realistic game you can get today in terms of physics.

Some of its features like tyre deformation and tyre damage are yet to be beaten by other gaming developers, and the way tyres behave in a racing simulator is a crucial factor in determining how realistic it feels.

This is because it allows you to feel grip loss, and it also lets you know when the car is at its limit when cornering.

The mods in this game make it easy to add tracks and cars, making the game perfect to learn the basics of car reactions. Also, the game features multiple weather conditions and continues to be regularly updated, with a large community of online drift fans to tandem with and improve your skills.

Supra Drift V0. Circuit de Dijon-Prenois. Nissan Silvia S13 FD. Drift Mods thread reddit. Created all the way back in , Live For Speed was the inspiration for the likes of the original rFactor and Assetto Corsa, being one of the first racing simulators to allow users to create their own drift mods.

While it only has a handful of unlicensed cars and tracks, the in-game track editor lets you build your own circuits and add cones to create obstacles, leading to hours of fun driving around your custom tracks. Graphically, it is a bit rudimentary, and the sounds are not exactly the best in the industry, but the gameplay and physics are excellent.

Some drift community members swear by it as the most authentic drifting simulator, and the game has a reasonably substantial amount of regular players considering its niche spot in online motorsports.


Best drifting games for pc free.The 14 Best Drifting Games on Steam

Ultimate Car Drift Pro – Best Car Drifting Games For PC Free Download And Install On Windows 10, MacOS, the newest version of “Ultimate Car Drift Pro – Best. Most popular drifting games · GTR Drift Fever · Lambo Drifter · Derby Crash 4 · Skyline Drift 3D · Drift Boss · UNBOUNDED™ · Furious Racing 3D · Real. Real Drive. 77 Votes.


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