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Fable Legends Download: Free for Windows 10 & Xbox One The first published in , PC role-playing game Fable, which on part has in the meantime two and three, get a free spin with Fable Legends. As with its predecessors, the British development studio Lionhead Studios and Microsoft have teamed up again for replace.meted Reading Time: 2 mins. Jan 21,  · Fable Legends is in development for Windows 10 PCs, Lionhead Studios confirmed during Microsoft’s Windows 10 briefing today. The game was announced in August as an Xbox One exclusive. PC and. Aug 10,  · Now that Windows 10 is officially released, owners can sign up to become part of the Fable Legends beta and join in with Xbox One players.


Fable legends download windows 10.Fable Legends Coming to Windows 10


So, players on either the PC or Xbox One can join each others’ games and get the adventure going. Although there is no release date for Windows 10, Fables Legends is expected to come out for Xbox One later this year. As an unintentional reveal, the presenter was using a wireless Xbox One controller to demonstrate Fable Legends. So, a wireless receiver for the gamepad may not be far off. Careful, they might port Fable: The Journey to Windows 10 with that holographic thing. Microsoft and Remedy did the same shite with Alan Wake so would not surprise me.

Already have an account? Login Now. Sorry, Steam users. It appears the only way you can play Fable Legends is by dipping a toe into the Windows 10 store. Lionhead Studios has revealed Fable Legends will be exclusive to the Windows 10 store, thus making it unavailable on competing platforms, such as Steam.

We learned earlier this year Fable Legends will be a free-to-play game when it releases in holiday Microsoft has perfectly good digital marketplaces it can use to host Fable Legends on, and it would be much easier to charge microtransactions through it rather than giving Valve a piece of that pie on Steam. A game that no one wants, is in a store, no one is using. Very sneaky Microsoft. And when it fails to sell at all they can prop it up as the reason why they aren’t developing future PC games or ports.

Not not surprised at all, but if we get some solid first party Microsoft pc games from it I’m good with it. It’s also free to play so no reason not to try it out.


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