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The whole release, re-release and take away was really weird. Deadpool, as you know, is very self-aware, he knows that he is in a video game and as a result, the game has a very wicked sense of humor. I actually wish they expanded on this even more as it would have been great for those of us who love Deadpool. Deadpool is sent the script for his game and he is less than impressed.

The whole poking fun at the game you are playing is very on the nose, but it works incredibly well. Hearing Deadpool comment on the state of gaming is actually hilarious and there is even an old school Zelda style level that just shows how much fun the developers were having with this game.

Deadpool is not just a funny dude, he has some serious fighting skills as well. Most of your fighting will be done with your sword and your two guns, but there are many other weapons that you can get in the game. All of the weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages and you can upgrade them as you play. I found that the quicker weapons worked best, but you will have to switch between the weapons in order to take down some enemies.

Speaking of enemies some of them feel like they take an age to kill and this can be annoying. The game throws a ton of enemies at you and I have no problem with that, but I do feel that some of the weaker ones should fall in far fewer hits than they do.

The fact that Deadpool never shuts up while you are playing is actually great and it never gets on your nerves. One part of the game that I really like is when you encounter Death. I am not sure how familiar you are with Deadpool, but Lady Death plays a huge part in his comic books and this was something that the game handled very, very well. I would say that these were actually some of my favorite parts of the game.

Deadpool is actually a fun game to play. It is certainly never going to be in contention for any game of the year awards, but it is still a lot of fun to play. I think I may have had more of a problem with the technical issues the game has. Disagreeing with this decision, the hero mines the building and forces the bosses to accept his offer. The first mission in the script is to kill media mogul Chance White, but a lot of things don’t go according to plan.

Evil Man – White’s sidekick interferes with the mission in every way, and the main character has to team up with other characters in order to complete the mission successfully. As you progress through the story, Deadpool will encounter other comic book characters, including both sidekicks like Cable and the X-Men, and villains like Sinister, Vertigo, Blockbuster, and more.

Game mechanics in Deadpool are varied – the main character is able to teleport and regenerate, and uses twin pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and plasma rifles in combat, and for close combat – katanas, sai and hammers. You can carry both firearms and edged weapons, plus grenades are available. Control during battle comes down to the sequential application of normal and power attacks, thus resulting in combinations that are gradually revealed throughout the passage.

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Gambit Mrs. In the journey, Deadpool has to face several henchman armies, giant robots, and supervillains. Related By Deadpool video game pc Games: Grand theft auto 5 redux. The game frequently breaks the fourth wall by having Deadpool verbally interact with the player based on their skill and progress. Overall /24732.txt 7. Deadpool received “mixed” reviews on all platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Your vidoe address will not be published.


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Deadpool is an action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics antihero of the same name. Written by Daniel Way , the game’s story follows Deadpool as he joins forces with the X-Men and Cable to thwart Mister Sinister ‘s latest scheme, getting into numerous comedic adventures along the way.

Similarly to other media featuring the character, the game includes self-referential humor and numerous fourth wall breaks. Upon release, the game received mixed reviews, being praised for its humor and plot elements while being critiqued for deficiencies in its gameplay. Deadpool , along with most other games published by Activision that had used the Marvel license, was de-listed and removed from all digital storefronts in As of July 15, , the game was made available to purchase again on Steam as well as PlayStation Store ‘s downloadable content but only in the US markets.

The game was re-released on November 18, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to coincide with the release of the film based on the character. On November 16, , the game was once again removed from digital storefronts due to licensing issues. Deadpool is an action hack and slash , third-person shooter video game.

Gameplay mostly consists of fighting enemies using both melee weapons and guns, with new combos becoming available to Deadpool as he progresses through the story and obtains upgrade points. The game frequently breaks the fourth wall by having Deadpool verbally interact with the player based on their skill and progress. By default, Deadpool is armed with both guns and swords, but he also has access to giant hammers, plasma guns, and a range of other weapons. A short range of teleportation moves are possible as well.

As he slowly falls apart while sustaining damage, players must avoid further damage in order to recover. When Deadpool’s pitch for “the most awesome game ever” starring himself is rejected by High Moon Studios, he sets off explosives at the studio, forcing them to cooperate. He even hires Nolan North as his voice actor. When the game’s script is delivered to him, Deadpool, finding it boring, draws all over it with a red crayon.

Following the first few lines of the script, Deadpool sets out to assassinate corrupt media mogul Chance White. He storms White’s media headquarters, slaughtering his mercenaries before tackling himself and White out of the latter’s penthouse window and into the sewers blowing the game’s budget in the process by repeating the events for kicks. However, White escapes with the Marauders , forcing Deadpool to give chase. After killing Marauders member Arclight , Deadpool finds White meeting with Mister Sinister , who has Blockbuster kill him once informed that the mogul’s satellites are under his control.

Angered at losing his bounty, Deadpool kills Vertigo , knocks out Blockbuster, and confronts Mr. Sinister, who effortlessly reduces him to a disembodied head before leaving with Blockbuster. After regenerating, Deadpool awakens to see X-Men members Wolverine , Rogue , Psylocke , and Domino , who reveal they are trying to foil Sinister’s plot to conquer the world with his army of clones.

Joining them, Deadpool flies the Blackbird to Genosha , Sinister’s hideout, but crashes the plane. The X-Men remain out cold, despite Deadpool’s comedic attempts to slap Wolverine awake. While wandering through Genosha, Deadpool runs into Cable , who has come from the future to ensure that Sinister’s plan does not succeed, as it will inadvertently destroy the world. However, a bored Deadpool ends the conversation by shooting himself in the head.

He awakens later to find a note from Cable urging him to hurry or he’ll miss an “incredibly large-breasted” fangirl. This motivates Deadpool to regroup with Cable, only to learn there is no fangirl.

After Cable explains that a security tower is broadcasting a signal to keep the X-Men unconscious, Deadpool infiltrates it and discovers Sinister wired into it. Messing with the controls, Deadpool blows up the tower and kills Sinister, only to learn from Cable that it was just a clone.

Cable convinces Deadpool to help by telling him that his favorite taco restaurant will be destroyed along with the rest of the world if Sinister isn’t stopped. Deadpool reconfigures a Sentinel boot into a flying machine to take him to Magneto ‘s citadel, only to crash into Rogue in mid-air. The pair land in an abandoned mutant prison where Blockbuster kidnaps Rogue, prompting Deadpool to try and save her while planning to seduce her. He briefly abandons his quest upon spotting Sinister, whom he kills, only to learn it was another clone.

Eventually, Deadpool kills Blockbuster and rescues Rogue, who absorbs his regenerating powers via kissing to heal herself, leaving Deadpool temporarily weakened. As Rogue battles Sinister’s incoming soldiers, Deadpool is briefly killed when his dog, Mr.

Shuggums, brings a grenade he threw back to him, and is reunited with his lover Death. She reveals that Sinister has been exhuming mutant bodies to obtain their unique DNA, and asks for Deadpool’s help in retrieving the mutant’s suffering souls so that they could pass on peacefully.

Coming back to life, Deadpool finds himself in Genosha’s catacombs, where he must help Cable kill Sinister’s soldiers before going on a spirit quest to retrieve the souls for death.

Once he succeeds, the catacombs cave-in, foiling Sinister’s plan. After reuniting with Wolverine on the surface, Deadpool makes his way to Magneto’s citadel while killing Sinister’s remaining soldiers, along with clones of the Marauders and Sinister. As the X-Men arrive to help, Sinister reveals himself and easily subdues them, only to be crushed by Deadpool’s Sentinel boot.

After Cable confirms that this was the real Sinister, Deadpool calls out for the end credits. As Deadpool exudes joy over how awesome his game is, High Moon’s representative Peter Della Penna calls him and admits that he hadn’t really blown their budget. Deadpool proceeds to actually do so by repeatedly creating explosions during the credits.

Deadpool was first announced at the San Diego Comic Con. During High Moon’s panel at Comic-Con, a censored version of the trailer was shown twice after an actor dressing up as Deadpool appeared on stage with the developers.

Another marketing campaign started with billboards taking the appearance of graffiti covering advertisements for The Amazing Spider-Man , presumably made by Deadpool to crudely advertise his video game. GameSpot later released an advertisement of the game, with Deadpool giving a holiday greeting while telling people to pre-order the game, stating that it would be released in Peter Della Penna revealed later in a press release that Daniel Way had written the story for the game, bringing his signature Deadpool humor to the title.

According to Penna, “we weren’t actually planning on making a Deadpool game. But, Deadpool came by the studio one day, said he was taking over, and that if I didn’t hire Marvel writer Daniel Way pronto and make the most amazing Deadpool video game, he’d break both of our arms and beat us to death with them. I have kids, so we’re making the game”. High Moon Studios announced a “watch and win” sweepstakes that ran during the Spike Video Game Awards , which aired on December 8, The winner of the contest would be flown to High Moon Studios and will appear as an in-game character in the Deadpool video game.

He appears as the character Storm Thrower, who as he is attacked will name off pizzas. Pre-orders were announced by several retail outlets. Two new maps are also added, the GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower to Deadpool Challenge mode, and also two bonus costumes, the D-Pooly and Uncanny X-Force suits only for use in the unlockable Infinite mode where stats are tracked on a global leaderboard.

On January 1, , Activision’s license to create games with Marvel comics characters expired, resulting in Deadpool: The Video Game and numerous other Marvel titles published by Activision to be removed from online storefronts such as Steam and PSN. High Moon Studios showed an early demo of the video game to journalists at Gamescom , where the game earned a nomination for Best of Show.

Several sites wrote positive impression of the demo that was shown at Gamescom and the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 , also including Joystiq and GameSpot.

Deadpool received “mixed” reviews on all platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. There are a couple of points where the game really shines. One part in particular where Deadpool leaves the camera behind and tells you to keep up. You use the camera to catch up to him. It is a very short segment, and was without consequence, but it strayed from the typical stuff.

Unfortunately, those points are few and far between. While the gameplay can become a bit repetitive, I found myself continuing to play, and enjoying myself enough from the humor in the game”. If you can tolerate Deadpool’s demented humor, you’ll find a nice few hours of entertainment within the game”. The combat’s well put together and there are some genuinely hilarious moments in the story, but it has its share of controller-throwing difficulty problems and hit-or-miss jokes, many that aren’t quite as funny if you play through the game more than once”.

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