Cyber Crimes – The Problem With Computers

Cyber Crimes – The Problem With Computers

Computers have certainly made our lives easier. They help us drive our cars safely, get directions, order things that we can’t buy near us, as well as give us tons of information at our fingertips. However, this last item can also be a terrible downfall. Computers put lots of data into easy reach of people who know how to manipulate computercyber offical website  firewalls and bypass security codes. Thus, the rise in computer popularity as also coincided with the rise of cyber crimes.

First, a simple type of cyber crime is spam. When you give your email address out to different sites, they may choose to sell this information to sites that will fill your email inbox with junk mail. Additionally, they can give out your phone number and home address to solicitors as well.

Next, another seemingly mundane type of internet crime is cyber bullying. This form of harassment can occur as verbal abuse posted for all to see on a person’s social networking site or blog. Cyber bullying is especially prevalent for middle school and high school students. Now, some states are starting to pass legislation that outlaws cyber bullying.

Also, a widely publicized type of cyber crime is piracy. With the internet, you have access to pictures, information, and media that is protected by a copyright. Perhaps you may have heard this mostly tied with music. You can download it for free onto your own computer, which may seem appealing, but it is also highly illegal. Another form of piracy is plagiarism, where you can use the computer to take other people’s intellectual property. This makes it easy to cut-and-paste information that belongs to someone else into your own site.

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