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Changeling 4. Collar x Malice 5. Piofiore: Fated Memories 6. Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom 7. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side 8.

The Rose of Segunda Cinderella Phenomenon 2. Ebon Light 3. Halloween Otome 4. Aloners 5. Valentines Otome 6. Mystic Messenger 7. Solipsism Reigns 8. Fujiwara BitterSweet 9. Tailor Tales Dark Nights RPGs: 1. Fire Emblem Series 2. Dragon Age Series 3. Persona 3 Portable 4. Select Game Console. Code Realize. Guardian of Rebirth. Download Download ver – NSP.

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Dead Invaders Modern War 3D. Maggie the Magnet. Dead Rain New Zombie Virus. Dungeons 3.



Code realize guardian of rebirth pc free download


After thousands of year, the ship has been found. The story revolves around an unnamed investigator, and his task to find the reason behind the disappearance of an interstellar ship. The plot focuses on NPCs, relationship, and challenging issues and primary follows the elements of traditional marriage, transhumanism and more.

Select the character and dive into the game world where you can interact with NPCs, go to date, and make relation with a handsome guy. It has multiple endings and depends on the actions that is taken by you during the gameplay. With addictive gameplay, and superb mechanics, Analogue: A Hate Story is the best game to play and enjoy.

The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and revolves around the protagonist named Seiji who is a daydreamer and spends his lots of time thinking about the massive space.

The protagonist got a chance to visit the beach with his childhood fellows and take some to relax. The protagonist thinks about this chance and take out his telescope and look at the space. After some time, he releases that his fellows want his attention instead of the constellation. There are different levels and NPCs to select and play. The game features multiple endings depends on actions taken by the player during the gameplay. The player can perform various actions such as progress through the story, meet new characters, and go to date.

With superb mechanics, fantasy environment, and brilliant gameplay, Sakura Beach is the best game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and revolves around a group of characters that have flipped their genders due to unforeseen circumstances.

The player can select his character from a group of cast and follow his story as he explore the world to find romance and experience a transformation. Each character has its unique story, and personality and the game offers a set of levels and it has dozens of ending depends of on actions taken by the player.

It includes over thirty location to explore and visit. With addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and superb visuals, Gender Bender DNA Twister Extremes is the best game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the kingdom of Diolacov threatened by the monsters.

The story revolves around the female protagonist who is a student named as Merona. The behavior of the monsters are mystery and the people are finding a solution to control them. One day, the female protagonist encounters a massive monsters while gathering plant for study.

At the horrible moment, she successfully manages to rescue herself by turning the vicious monsters into a cute animal. There are a variety of levels, and you have to complete each one at any cost. With well-written story, addictive gameplay, prominent features, and wonderful graphics, Nova: Synthesis Creaturum is the best game to play and enjoy. The story of the game follows Anne and Max their 1st year of college in which they share the so-called Latin house with other roommates and experiences different scenes in his daily life such as Halloween party, spring break and other special occasions, etc.

At the beginning of the game, the player can select his playing character between Anne and Max. After choosing his character, the game allows the player to get into the game world. Roommates offer a brilliant combination of classic novel gameplay with dialogues communications and another choice to make. It allows the player to plan his activities for the week and raise States in order to get the good ending. It is one of the best novel-based video game that immerses himself deep into the brilliant game world.

Roommates offer Ultra-HD visual details, fantastic game mechanics, quite impressive gameplay and dynamic background music. The game includes a variety of NPCs to interact and features a series of dialogs.

To get into the game world, you can select your character and your ultimate task is to progress through the game. It is a mix of otome-based and dating simulation. As the story progress, other content will be unlocked. Progress through the game by navigating your Kingdom, interacting NPCs, and unearth the secrets of the groom by which you are get married. The graphics and mechanics of the game are fantastic and addictive. Engage yourself in visual novel gameplay experience and enjoy multiple ends depend on your decision.

The story revolves around the protagonist named as Makoto, who is a student and embark himself in the love-interest in many girls during his school days. Makoto is a first-year high school student, living with his beloved and divorced mother in the fictional city known as Haramihama. The game includes thousands of dialogs to interact with NPCs. It needs little interaction from the players, the game immerses the player through a superb story and offers an opportunity to modify the course during the gameplay.

It features multiple endings based on the decision taken by the player. As the story progress, other NPCs and tasks will be unlocked. The ultimate goal is to interact with characters during gameplay, explore the environment and find the secrets behind every scene.

School Days is the superb game as compared to other Visual Novel games. Try it out. The game takes place in the fantasy world and revolves around a year-old girl named as Mana Kirishima, who is recently transferred to the School of Shinji Ikari, and start to establish a relationship with others. There are a variety of characters, and each character has its unique personality and ability.

The game features a series of dialogs and multiple ends, depending on the actions taken by the player. With superb gameplay, excellent mechanics, and addictive graphics, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel is the best game to play and enjoy.

In the previous title, the fictional island was privatized by Toue Konzen and turned into a hotel known as Platinum Jail. The game mixes the visual romance novel and science-fiction elements and puts the player in the role of the protagonist named as Aoba Seragaki. Most of the gameplay is spent on reading the dialogues and narrative of the story. The game revolves around a set of the storyline with multiple endings, depending on the decisions the player takes during the game.

During the gameplay, the player will receive multiple options to select from, and text pauses until the choice is made. Ren, Koujaku, Noiz, Aoba Seragaki, etc. The player needs to navigate the story, unearth the secrets to progress through the match and interact with NPCs to become the master. With addictive gameplay, brilliant graphics, and smooth controls, Dramatical Murder is the excellent game to play and enjoy.

During the gameplay, the player has an option to change his avatar at any time with whatever was famous. In the senior year, the player can use a chat client to communicate with Emily. Both discuss about their high school days and a fellow named as Brad, who keeps sending the messages of Emily. The player change the text color, emoji, and more. It introduces a dialogue system that the player uses during the conversation with his love. The game serves as the third installment in the series of Danganronpa and brings a thrilling storyline revolves around the female protagonist, a high school student named as Kaede Akamatsu, who is abducted and finds herself in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.

During the exploration, the player will discover fellow students including Shuichi Saihara. The gameplay is similar to its previous titles, and the ultimate task of the player is to manipulate the land, interact with non-player characters to progress through the game until coming across a brutal murder. After that, the player needs to gather evidence for the murder and use in the class rail. Like previous entries, the game focuses on endless debate, in which the player discusses the case with other NPCs and struggle to fulfill the requirement of each case while earning experience.

The game takes place in the futuristic year , where mechanized robots called GEAR were created for military and used them in the sports industry and commonplace. The massive use and the popularity of the robots have built a new academy called Cenorobotics. According to the story, the protagonist finds himself transferring to ACE Academy, a school for robot studies in fictional Japan.

The primary objective of the player is to locate a team who accept him, and his old generation gear to use in the tournament.

In front of advanced technologies, the research of the protagonist is hopeless. The game mixes the romance, sci-fi, and visual novel elements to offers a brilliant gameplay with hundreds of choices. Explore the storyline, interact with non-player characters, make the decision and select the choice to progress through the story. The game introduces multiple ending systems, depending on the action or decisions taken by the player.

With superb gameplay and brilliant graphics, ACE Academy is the brilliant video game to play. It offers an exciting gameplay that you have never played before. According to the story, the fate of the multiverse is in danger. You as the protagonist must step back into your cockpit, and get ready for deployment in the fictional universe.

After three years, the protagonist named as Takeru finds herself in the strange world, where the mankind standing on the edge of the destruction. There are various levels available and you as the protagonist must take the correct political and military decisions, battle foes, and save the humanity.

During the gameplay, you can interact non-player characters using dialogue-based system, explore the story, and find your love to romance.

With thrilling gameplay, superb mechanics, and brilliant graphics, Muv-Luv Alternative is the incredible game to play. The storyline focuses on a student of the male high school who recently joins the literature club and hangs out with its four female members of the group. It introduces a non-linear plot, which various scenes and multiple endings, depending on the choices taken by the player during the gameplay. The gameplay revolves around a psychological horror element that introduces the use of breaking the 4th wall.

According to the story, the protagonist is invited by his childhood buddy named as Sayori to join the literature club of the high school. There the protagonist encounters other members of the club such as Natsuki, Yuri, Monika, and more. As the game advances, the player starts to participate in the activities of the club such as sharing poetry, writing, and more. It has various levels, and the player must make the decisions by selecting the choices to progress through the storyline.

With superb gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and smooth controls, Doki Doki Literature Club is the best game to play. It is the second title in the series of Zero Escape and follows the protagonist named as Sigma, a man who is kidnapped and forced along with either other people to play the brutal game known as Nonary, putting the contestants in a life or death situation.

As the game advances, the protagonist start to uncover the mysteries behind the Nonary Game. The gameplay is split into two sections such as Novel Sections and the Escape Sections.

In Novel Sections, the player reads the narrative of the game through visual novel segment, and make decisions that takes the story forward one of twenty-four possible endings. In Escape Sections, the player has to complete a series of puzzles to escape the room scenarios. The game offers the flowchart to the player and enables him to revisit completed sections anytime, and select the option, causing the story to progress in another direction.

During the gameplay, the player can interact with non-player characters, find clues to solve puzzles, and advance through the game.

Try it out, if you love playing Visual Novel games. The game serves as the fourth installment in the series of Science Adventure, and it is a sequel to Choas;Head , released in In the game, the player takes on the role of the protagonist named as Takuru Miyashiro, who is the president of his newspaper club of school.

The player receives the option to select at the multiple points throughout the storyline if the protagonist should experience a negative or positive delusion. The choices taken by the player will directly affect the storyline and change its direction. The game split into multiple storylines, during the playthrough the player needs to play the main narrative, after completing the game, other routes will become available to play.

Each route revolves around one of the characters of the game, dealing with non-player character motivations and secrets not uncovered in the main narrative. Steins;Gate is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game developed and published by 5pb. The game serves as the 2nd title in the series of Science Adventure game, following Chaos; Head.

The plot revolves around a group of students as they find out and create technology that enables them to change the past. It brings non-linear gameplay and comes with a branch of scenarios with courses of the intersection.

The game needs a little interaction from the player as most of the time of the gameplay spent on reading the dialogues, appearing on the playfield which represents either the thoughts of the protagonist or the dialogues between different characters. Like other Visual Novel video games, there are specific points where the player is given choices to affect the direction of the story or end of the game. The player will discover multiple different endings, depending on the choices, the player made in-game.

With the exciting story, superb graphics, and addictive gameplay, Steins;Gate is the best game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the science-fiction environment where the protagonist is trying to escape a doomed space colony with the assist of troubled AI Artificla Intelligence companion and four emotional holograph.

The game embarks you on the epic missions to scan the clues, solve tricky puzzles, and find the fates of more than two-dozen of former colleagues and their lives. You must explore the beautiful, adventure-style environments as you search for important items for clues and solving puzzles.

The game comes with dozens of multiple endings, depending on the decision taken by you during the gameplay. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and smooth controls, Alone with You is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. Nekopara Vol. It offers an immersive story, revolving around the son of Japanese confection makers who moved out to launch his shop as a patisserie. Upon shifting, the player encounters with catgirls named as Vanilla and Chocola that have been raising. When the player tried to send them back to their home, the catgirls begged and pleaded until the player gave in and now they opened La Soleil together.

According to the plot, two catgirls love their master and struggling their best to open a successful business. The player can use the dialogue system to interact with NPCs to shape his story. The game comes with multiple endings, depending on the decision and action taken by the player while playing the game. It offers the narrative-based gameplay and the player spend his lots of time reading the dialogues appeared on the screen. The game lets you step into the shoes of the protagonist named as Kayto Shields, serving as the ordinary man who throws into an extraordinary adventure.

According to plot, it was the first day of the protagonist as the vice president of the Sunrider Academy student council when the president of the class selected him to be the manager of school.

The game supports Single-player mode only and revolves around Management Simulation gameplay, where the player must manage the clubs on the student council. It comes with new character casts, dozens of line of dialogue and more.

The player can interact with NPCs, find his love and can romance to engage in the management simulation. Sunrider Academy offers an epic story, beautiful environment anime-based characters, and more.

The story follows the new graduate student of Scuba School, where the main player must explore the land to seek the adventure and romance. During the gameplay, the player with his charming boos named as Marina Fishpaste, taking to the high seas to find a love like that you have never expected in the form of a Shark. The game offers the visual novel gameplay with plenty of endings, introduces the colourful hand-drawn cartoon style characters. The decision makes the player during the gameplay will shape the story of the romance.

Along the journey, the player can interact with NPCs, find the love, while trying to romance in his favourite place. There are tons of line of dialogue to communicate with others while making choices. The game revolves around the protagonist, who is student in High School China. It takes place in the modern China, where an accident broke the faith and changed the life and promises. The player can interact with NPCs using the dialogue system, and can find the love, go to date, and decide the place for romance.

The game uses the narrative-based system to represent the story with multiple endings. The player has a chance to shape his story and decide the outcome of the plot while making decision and selecting dialogue to communicate with NPCs. The player can engage in visual novel gameplay experience and can enjoy the anime characters and dating simulation elements. With impressive gameplay, mechanics, and simple controls, True Love: Confide to the Maple is the best game to enjoy.

The game puts the player in the role of the protagonist named as Kiyotaka, the eldest son of the Katsuragi family. According to the storyline, the player traverses the ocean to London with his beloved sister named as Himeno, to study abroad at Royal London Magic Academy. Mostly gameplay focuses on narratives rather than action, and the player must make decisions while interacting with Non-player characters.

The game takes place on the floating islands, and the player is spent his lots of time on reading the dialogue and narrative of the story. The storyline revolves around the branching plot line with several endings, depending on the decisions that the player makes while playing the game. The game comes with five plot lines and enables the player to experience.

After completing first four stories, an additional storyline known as Zero becomes available, which focuses on Aoi Hinomoto. During the gameplay, the player will receive multiple options to choose from, and text progression at certain points until the choice is made.

Da Capo 3 R is an addictive game to play and enjoy. Root Letter is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game developed and published by Kadokawa Games for multiple platforms.

The game takes place in Matsue, where the protagonist reaches in search for Fumino Aya, the childhood friend from high school, who had vanished for fifteen years. After the player discovers a letter dedicated to him from her that was never sent. The player embarks on an epic adventure to interrogate the classmates as the player goes in shock when found everything about her friend had been a lie.

The game features multiple endings, based on the choices of the player throughout the game. The player plays the game as the adventure visual novel, where the player must figure out what happen to his friend named as Aya, a girl who disappeared after receiving a mysterious letter. The entire gameplay will be divided into two parts such as the simulation part and the adventure part.

In Adventure part, the player must interrogate the characters, who knew Aya to find the information about her while in Simulation parts, where the player relives through interaction with Aya.

With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and smooth controls, Root Letter is the wonderful game to play. The game offers exciting story follows the female protagonist named as Alexa, who is another beautiful woman living her life in a town or is her life living her. She begins the story on a thoroughly sour note; she is leading a life of seclusion in a deserted mansion. A deadly poison coursing through her body devours virtually anything her skin contacts, which hardly makes her the kind of person people want to socialise with.

Although his motives are suspect, the man seems genuine about helping Cardia track down her missing father. Before long, they enlist the aid of a quirky engineer, a genius alchemist, a no-nonsense veteran, and an affluent landowner. Like Lupin, her other potential lovers happen to be based on classic European literary characters.

In fact, Cardia undergoes plenty of physical and mental training throughout the story, which at least limits the damsel in distress role instead of forever leaning on the generous males around her. In other words, this is one story anyone can thoroughly enjoy regardless of gender or sexuality. Stylistically, the tale is an irresistibly charming mishmash of aesthetics. Every last aspect of Code:Realize’s presentation seems meticulously stewed over. Code:Realize then goes out of its way to curate emotionally suitable songs for its many diverse scenarios.

For instance, when Cardia stops to spin out a monologue in the middle of London’s bustling metropolis, clips of street chatter and city noise can be heard as if to emulate that feeling of wandering the streets and silently contemplating life despite the noisiness at every turn. Combined with the aforementioned top-grade backgrounds that shine as much as the elegant character designs, an extra dimension of depth is breathed into the believability of this world.

It’s an experience mere text and character portraits can’t dream of providing. To some, visual novels are repetitive button-tappers devoid of depth, and easy to throw together and sell. Although I deem that assessment ignorant, I can see why this reputation exists in certain corners outside Japan.

After all, it’s no Herculean task to throw together static couple character poses, hastily jot down a few hours of dialogue, compose some cookie-cutter music and call it a visual novel when that effort would have been better spent authoring a compelling story with pure written word.

Related reading: Do you reckon you can make your own visual novel? With Tyranobuilder, you can! Our full review. But Code:Realize is the antithesis of the more cynical, mass-produced drivel that does exist out there.


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