Cantex Coatings Ltd.

Cantex Coatings Ltd.

Among all roof coating companies, we appreciate your interest in the product line offered by Cantex Coatings Ltd. We are really proud that all of the materials we offer are produced in Canada.

The key features of Cantex Coatings Ltd. products, such as the Premier Rubber Membrane® system, the Roller and Brush and Trowel Rubber materials, will be briefly described in the pages that follow.

The chemical engineer at Cantex Coatings Ltd. created what we believe to be the strongest and most reliable materials in this category.  Our ongoing R&D ensures that we will continue to offer high-quality, cutting-edge products.

Cantex Coatings reacts to the needs of its customers very quickly. We are more than delighted to assist if a bespoke blend of any of our products is necessary. For various uses, many of our clients demand varying viscosities of trowel and roller/brush products. Our production processes easily accommodate their needs.

The cutting-edge, environmentally friendly products are made to offer solutions to the roofing, waterproofing, and protective coatings industries, all of which are previously established. Materials from Cantex Coatings Ltd. are cold applied compounds that are exceptional for secondary containment, civil and structural waterproofing, and many other water proofing requirements. All of Cantex Coatings Ltd.’s modified asphalt products are made of aqueous, non-flammable liquids, and they don’t include any volatile organic compounds.

All of Cantex Coatings Ltd.’s modified materials are cold applied, so they won’t suffer from the flaws that hot applied systems do, such breaking and altering their makeup into brittle surfaces. All of our materials, when utilized properly, can be employed in a wide range of applications, including secondary and primary containment, waste water treatment facilities, pond lining, landfill sites, reservoirs, acid plants, various architectural uses, and landscaping. Each of our products has been designed to work with the others to create a seamless monolithic membrane that will adhere to the majority of commonly used building materials.

Contractors have been able to increase their markets, revenues, and services thanks to Cantex Coatings Ltd. The limitations of application when utilizing conventional materials have all but disappeared.

Rubber Roller/Brush

Cantex Coatings Ltd. Roller/Brush Rubber® Roller/Brush Rubber® is a specially engineered single component asphalt material that has been updated utilizing the best materials available to us. This safe-to-use solution is water-based, non-toxic, free of offensive odors, and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can be applied by hand or by spray and complies with all EPA requirements.

The Roller/Brush Rubber® material is intended to be used as a simple-to-apply material to help with detail work in conjunction with the Premier Rubber Membrane® or as a stand-alone product used for minor repairs in Construction, Civil, Water Utilities, Waste Water, Mining, Agricultural, Aquaculture, Marine, Automotive, Safety, Industrial, Military, Protective, and Commercial/Residential applications.

With the simplicity of use that comes with using a conventional paintbrush or high-nap roller, the exceptional coefficient of expansion and contraction enable bonding and conformance to irregular surfaces. The Roller/Brush Rubber® will produce a surface that is seamless and free of any overlaps or seams that might affect the product’s functionality.

In comparison to traditional dual component roll out or liquid materials, the amount of time needed to do detail or seam work is significantly decreased by using Cantex Coatings Ltd. TexR Tape® labor. This in turn will help to lower project expenses overall.

Rubber Trowel

Cantex Coatings Ltd., Trowel Rubber. An asphalt emulsion material treated with precisely specified polymers to provide exceptional elastomeric performance is known as trowel rubber material. This solution is designed to help create a seamless, monolithic membrane that works best when there are more than 1/8″ of fractures or voids present. Due to its elastomeric qualities, it will not only seal expansion or cold joints but also permit movement.

As all materials adhere to one another, trowel rubber should be used to prepare the substrate before Premier Rubber Membrane® or Roller Brush are applied.

An affordable trowel or paintbrush made for commercial use is used to apply the product. Trowel Rubber will start to cure right away when application is finished. The amount of humidity will have a big impact on how the material cures. When applied at approximately 1/8″ inch thickness at 70°F and 50% relative humidity, trowel rubber will fully cure in 24 hours.

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