A 3-day Travel Tour in LA

Day 1: Landing at the Los Angeles International Airport at 10 PM. Full body examination at the Customs for microbes checkout. 3-hour sitting tight for baggage conveyance and an additional 3 hours to observe the leave entryway. Night transport move to the inn with TVs over each sit broadcasting lifting weights TV shows. Breakfast at the lodging on appearance: two eggs, sourdough toast, espresso or chocolate sprinkle and new squeezed orange.

Morning visit of Beverly Hills ghetto on streetcar. Customary stops to permit visit members to take photos of Brenda’s home and Dylan’s school. Day perspective on Sunset 38 super ammo for sale  and Santa Monica by transport. 2 miles down Angeles peak Scenic byway, exchange on SR1 covering I-405, then eastward exit to Riverside Drive subsequent to arriving at Verdugo Road’s forty-fourth traffic signal. Confounded answers to members asking where Melrose Place is.

Lunch in a macrobiotic eatery situated on 7119 Melrose Avenue. Menu: heated tortilla strips, brussel fledglings and shining mineral water. Stomach related coyote shooting challenge on Glendale turnpike. Limitless ammunition. Rest of the evening free.

Supper at the inn, then night party at the Beckhams’ highlighting Keanu Reeves and Britney Spears.

Day 2: Early flight to Crenshaw under police escort. Short stop to Baldwin Village. Free-form rap show followed by live road execution of three individuals from the Black P. Stones. 1992 uproars tribute visit with video projection of the Rodney King beating, alongside a tuning in of George Bush Sr discourse about the “fierceness of crowd” savagely testing “great and respectable police officers”. Fast shopping in a firearm shop and short clarifications to visit members who asked why they couldn’t see one single shop like that in Beverly Hills the morning prior.

Lunch in a disgusting mexican bar and live early termination of a Puerto Rican young lady in the latrines. Different inquiries from members who most certainly can’t grasp what’s happening here.

4-hour move to the Dodger Stadium to watch a ball game between the L.A. Dodgers and the New York Giants. Roars of acclaim for Greg Maddux amazing split-fingered fastball and last triumph for the Dodgers.

Night party at Snood Dogg’s manor highlighting Jay-O-Felony and Kurupt: snuff film situation composing meeting with Dimitri Kuznetsov’s cousin, video-gaming in the parlor, sex bash at the steps and dope smoking by the pool. Police assessment at 3 AM handily managed through coke and dollars.

Day 3: terrible headache and prompt bringing home in funeral car of members who ODed during their rest. Messages shipped off their families. Loosening up day for the others at Cal State L.A. Wellness Center, with body back rub and extremely hot shower. Running and tennis playing with Monica Seles.

Scratch-off of the long-expected evening visit to Hollywood, because of the unexpected strike of the grounds-keepers who failed to really understand the reason why they were the only ones around not being given a hand-work by Meg Ryan.

Move to the L.A. air terminal. Take-off around evening time. Weight training show on screens. Timeless second thoughts to need to fly back and rejoin his better half in Nottingham.

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